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LEEDing the way
Woburn Advocate
By Kathie Ragsdale
February 17, 2010
Thousands of people drive past it every day, but few know that the sleek, glassy building that towers over Route 128 off Main Street in Woburn is one of the “greenest” in the state. (More)

By Eric Moskowitz
Globe Staff / July 24, 2008
Moving up in class
New office center aims to make Woburn a destination address for businesses seeking top-notch amenities

With a rounded atrium entrance, windows that shimmer in unbroken lines, and a three-story drive-through gateway arch, TradeCenter 128 cuts a striking figure alongside Route 128, where it commands nearly 600 feet of frontage. But the most remarkable thing about this office center may not be its appearance but its address: Woburn. (MORE)

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Globe Staff / Photo by Joanne Rathe
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