TradeCenter 128 now almost fully open in Woburn, MA
Half-million square feet of Class A office space


Woburn, MA -- TradeCenter 128 is comprised of one original two-story masonry building, acquired by Cummings Properties in October 1995, plus a very large new governmental and commercial complex completed in 2008.

Prominently located facing Route 128 on the Woburn/Burlington line, the first new phase of the complex offers unparalleled access and visibility. This project entailed more than $1 million worth of roadway infrastructure improvements to fully accommodate the proposed traffic for the site. The first new phase of the development, 200 TradeCenter, is a 132,000 square foot courthouse, built to house the new Middlesex County Superior Court. This magnificent judicial building was completed in 12 months, from lease signing to substantial completion, and opened on March 17, 2008, along with a five-story, 900-car free parking garage. The TradeCenter court replaces the former Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse in Cambridge, MA.

Close behind the courthouse opening was 300 TradeCenter, where BCD Travel took over occupancy of its new 8,000 square foot regional office on May 2. Like the Courthouse, buildings 300 and 400 are seven stories tall, with broad expanses of both glass-curtain walls and ribbon windows. The latest phases total 400,000 square feet, fronting directly on Interstate 95. Both buildings offer dramatic views of what many consider America's most important Interstate highway.

The now nearly complete complex has a grand three-story tall archway accommodating incoming and outgoing traffic entering the site. Acclaimed by many as truly unique, it is easily one of the largest and most distinctive structures along the entire length of this remarkable road, from Bangor to Miami. A dramatic three-story interior atrium faces northbound highway traffic from the building's southeast corner.

TradeCenter 128 amenities will rival or exceed those of other typical first-class, top-quality office parks. These amenities will include restaurants and banking, a health club and day spa, plus children's daycare. There will be meeting and function space, covered and surface parking, an outdoor park space adjacent to the onsite pond, and direct on-campus MBTA bus service, to name a few. There will also be a quality casual breakfast and luncheon restaurant, as well as a more upscale lunch and dinner establishment, with full beverage services.

The complex offers unrivaled convenience with its prime location just yards from Exit 35 off Interstate 95 and Route 128, and about a quarter-mile from Exit 35 directly to the southwest. There is onsite parking for more than 2,000 vehicles, including more than 900 spaces in the huge Free Parking garage. The garage connects directly to each of the lower five floors of 300 and 400 TradeCenter.

With such expansive windows, wide-open floor plans, a modern pre-cast façade, plus the three-story drive-through archway, energy efficient construction, and covered garage parking, the building would already be notable. Add the handsomely landscaped grounds with water features, the grand atrium, and highly superior finishes, which include granite lobbies, however, and the complex fully reflects Cummings Properties' almost 40 years of development expertise.

About the company: Cummings Properties is a full-service real estate development and property management firm with more than 70 very large buildings and more than 9 million square feet of commercial real estate in 10 northeastern Massachusetts communities. Its facilities are home to nearly 2,000 office, medical office, laboratory, R&D and general commercial clients.

Cummings Properties' buildings are primarily owned by, and for the benefit of, Cummings Foundation, Inc. This private operating foundation also owns New Horizons Retirement Communities in Woburn and Marlborough, MA, which together serve almost 500 senior residents. Cummings Foundation also has a very close relationship with the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in North Grafton, MA.

Published in the May 30 edition of the Boston Business Journal

McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton to open Bay State office

One of New Hampshire's largest law firms, McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton is set to open its first Massachusetts office with the leasing of new office space in Woburn, the firm said on Friday.

Manchester, N.H.-based McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton has leased space inside the new Middlesex Superior Court building in Woburn's TradeCenter 128 complex.

The 85-attorney law firm, which has New Hampshire locations in Portsmouth and Concord as well, will open on July 15. More than 30 of McLane's attorneys are licensed to practice in Massachusetts, although the number of attorneys who will be located at the Woburn office was not disclosed.

The lease was handled by Cummings Properties LLC.

McLane, Graf, Raulerson & Middleton targeted the new TradeCenter building as good location because of its LEED certification and access to the Middlesex County Superior Court, among other factors.

First leases signed at Woburn's new TradeCenter 128
Cummings Properties opens major new office building for leasing


Woburn, MA -- Each weekday, several hundred thousand cars reportedly drive by TradeCenter 128, the sprawling new 550,000 square foot complex directly facing Interstate 95. Some say that Cummings Properties has built one of the most recognizable structures along the entire length of Route I-95, from Maine to Florida.

In fact, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has already leased one major building of the huge complex to house its new Middlesex County Superior Court. According to state officials, the Court expects to move from Cambridge to its new, modern facility in March 2008.

With the Court's move now imminent, the law offices of Cohn & Dussi have become the building's first law firm, and they are scheduled to move to TradeCenter 128 from their Burlington location later this summer. Cohn & Dussi was represented by Rob Kinlin from CB Richard Ellis/New England, and Leasing Director Derek Cook respresented Cummings Properties.

According to Cummings Properties Vice President Eric Anderson, "now that the Court is ready to move in, the number of law firms seeking space information has multiplied rapidly since the beginning of the year."

However, the first company to move into the larger building will be well-known, international travel company BCD Travel USA, LLC. The firm is scheduled to move its Cambridge office to TradeCenter 128 in May 2008. Debra Stevens of The Stevens Group, Inc. represented BCD, and Cummings Properties was represented by Leasing Director Derek Cook.

Ground floor space of this building is also starting to fill. One local bank has already signed on, and another larger, international bank is actively seeking both a retail branch, as well as a large amount of back office space where it expects to relocate some of its staff from downtown Boston. "With more than 20,000 square feet of space leased in just the past two weeks, we're seeing a lot of interest and gaining a lot of momentum with this unique property," says Anderson.

Tthe complex will also house an upscale breakfast and lunch cafe, as well as a full service, well-known restaurant. Anderson adds, "The city of Woburn has already issued a liquor license which officials will soon transfer to the petitioner. We fully expect that TradeCenter 128 will be the dynamic work and leisure destination that we envisioned for our clients and the community."

Cummings Properties director Matthew Donaghey states, "not only is the property visible to so many cars on a daily basis, it's also incredibly convenient for business owners, their employees, their visitors, and for the local community." With indoor garage parking for more than 900 cars, easy access to two major I-95/Route 128 interchanges, and direct MBTA bus service to the site, "TradeCenter 128 offers unparalleled accessibility," added Donaghey.

The Cummings organization operates more than 9 million square feet of office, lab and research space in cities and towns north and west of Boston. With 35 years of experience and 310 full-time employees, Cummings Properties is known for its innovative, hands-on approach to building, maintaining and managing its many properties.

Middlesex Superior Court Moves to Woburn
Cummings Properties' TradeCenter 128 is the Court's new home


Woburn, MA, March 17, 2008 -- The new furniture has been installed, years of case files have been dusted off, moved and organized, and the computers are all hooked up and ready to go. After 40 years in Cambridge, the Superior Court is open and ready for business in Woburn.

Serving nearly all of the 54 communities in Middlesex County, the new Woburn building houses 15 courtrooms, clerks' offices, judges' chambers, the probation department, the law library, and more. In addition, the Court estimates that more than 400 people will use the building every day, including, lawyers, judges, administrative staff, jurors, plaintiffs, defendants, visitors, and others who work at the building and use the system.
In this new location, employees, visitors, and juries will find a brand new, modern facility with state-of-the-art heating, cooling and ventilation, operable windows for fresh air circulation, well-lit, comfortable common areas, and plenty of free garage and surface parking.

Plus, the new Court building is completely accessible from almost any location. TradeCenter 128 directly faces Route 128, between exits 34 and 35. It's just minutes from I-93, Route 3 and the Mass Pike and is easy to reach from metro Boston, the North Shore, and all the Metro West suburbs. In addition, the MBTA has added TradeCenter 128 as a stop on its bus route 134.

According to Cummings Properties president and CEO Dennis Clarke, a longtime Winchester resident, "Once people start coming to the Woburn location, they will realize that not only is the building itself far superior to the Cambridge facility, but it's in an ideal location. From the ample free parking to the many nearby shopping, dining, banking and personal services options, most people won't miss the trip to Cambridge." Adds Clarke, "In fact, I suspect it will take many employees and visitors less time to get to Woburn than it took them to get to Cambridge."
The occupancy of the Superior Court building is an important milestone in the evolution of the overall TradeCenter 128 project. The Court building is the first completed phase of this 550,000 square foot first-class office complex. The larger, highly visible 400,000 square foot building is still under construction, although several leases have already been signed.
The first client to move into the new building will be well-known international travel company BCD Travel USA, LLC. The firm is scheduled to move its Cambridge office to TradeCenter 128 in early May.

The Cummings organization operates more than 9 million square feet of office, lab and research space in cities and towns north and west of Boston. With 35 years of experience and 310 full-time employees, Cummings Properties is known for its innovative, hands-on approach to building, maintaining and managing its many properties.

TradeCenter 128 Receives Gold Level LEED Pre-Certification

Woburn, MA -- Cummings Properties is proud to announce that its newest office complex, TradeCenter 128 in Woburn, MA, has received a Gold Level LEED pre-certification by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

LEED Certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) provides independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measures. All certified projects receive a LEED plaque, which is the nationally recognized symbol demonstrating that a building is an environmentally responsible and healthy place to work or live.

TradeCenter 128 is a new, seven story, 400,000 square foot, first-class office building, now being completed in Woburn, MA, bordering Route 128/95. The building is immediately adjacent to the new 139,000 square foot Middlesex County Superior Court at 200 TradeCenter 128, which is expected to open sometime mid-March.

In addition to meeting the strict criteria for LEED certification, including site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality, TradeCenter 128 includes dozens of important features often associated with a green building. These features include: premium, efficient HVAC and lighting systems, high-performance glass, water-saving fixtures, rainwater storage, construction materials made from high levels of recycled materials, construction waste recycling and building recycling programs.

According to Design Manager James Trudeau, TradeCenter 128 received further LEED recognition for features that are of particular benefit to the local community. These benefits include a site design that reduced environmental impact, public transportation (MBTA bus) directly to the site, preferred parking for low emission vehicles, and a location with established services and onsite recycling programs.

Building occupants should expect to benefit from lower utility costs, improved air quality, energy efficient lighting, green housekeeping, and also enjoy the fresh air generated from the operable windows. As a result of these building and design features, employees and visitors will have easy access to a safe and healthy work environment.

Cummings Properties has a long history of energy-saving construction and the use of recycled materials in its many properties. Several of its buildings have an "Energy Star" rating, and it offers recycling programs in many of its major properties. As part of its commitment to building and maintaining energy efficient properties, Cummings Properties recently established the position of Sustainability Manager to coordinate its energy saving and recycling efforts.

Cummings Properties ( is a full-service real estate development, property management and construction firm with more than 70 major buildings and 9 million square feet in 10 North Shore Massachusetts communities. Its facilities are home to nearly 2000 office, laboratory, R&D, retail and general commercial clients.

For more information on this project, please contact Design Manager James Trudeau at 781-932-7028.

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